Stores hit the heights at Longtown

Longtown Mart, Cumbria.

Store hoggs reached their highest price of the season at Tuesday’s (20 March) sale, when 1,502 sheep went under the hammer.

Stores averaged £73.22 a head, with Suffolks taking the top price of £99.50, closely followed by Texels at £99 apiece. Overall, Suffolk crosses settled at £80.11, with Lleyns averaging £81.80, North Country Cheviots £81.70, Texels £75.80 and Swaledales £44.46.

Cast ewes peaked at £111 for a pen of Texels, with breeding sheep creating a lot of interest and selling to £161 for in-lamb mules. In-lamb Greyface ewes sold to £100, with Greyfaces with twins at foot reaching £63 – a price matched by both Suffolks and Cheviots with single lambs at foot.





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