Study commissioned on renewables fuel for farms

Scientists are looking at ways to increase the use of renewable fuels made from crops and agricultural waste in farm vehicles.

The Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) has commissioned a new report to study the potential for innovative low carbon transport technologies and fuels in rural areas and on-farms.

The study is called Re-fuelling the Countryside: Sustainable Farm and Rural Transport.

It will investigate the potential and practicalities of farm-sourced renewable fuels and innovative transport technologies using a mixture of industrial applications, research and case-studies.

Renewable fuels explored will include biomethane, electricity, dual fuels, biodiesels and hydrogen.

Low carbon project consultants Greenwatt Technology is compiling the report, which is sponsored by Scotia Gas Networks and the Frank Parkinson Trust.

Mike Woollacott, managing director of Greenwatt Technology said the report would help add value to “farm bio-resource” and reduce the carbon footprint of agriculture.

“We would like to encourage inputs from all those with an interest in or experience of low emission transport, vehicles and fuels – especially where this might involve the use of farm wastes and natural resources.”

To contribute to the study, please contact Mike on 01789 761367 or email

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