Ten reasons to enter FW Awards

Whether it’s industry profile, enhanced marketing power or business recognition, winning a Farmers Weekly Award is a great achievement and one that opens many doors.

Here are 10 reasons why you should put pen to paper and enter:

  1. Recognise your own, your family’s and staff’s achievements.
  2. Doors open to new industry contacts. The profile generated from being a finalist or winner will open doors to new contacts, clients and contracts.
  3. Better deals: Being short listed signals a successful business and suppliers will want to be associated with that.
  4. Free PR and marketing: Coverage in the UK’s leading agricultural title – as well as national, regional and local papers – must be good for you and your business.
  5. Use the expert judging panel as independent assessors of your business, plans and ideas.
  6. Demonstrate that British faming is vibrant, successful and of value.
  7. Change perception and offer inspiration to other farmers and the public. You could become a champion for UK farming.
  8. Improve your career credentials. Being a finalist, let alone a winner, is a CV winner for consultants, agronomists and farm managers.
  9. Receive a selection of professionally taken photographs of you and your farm or business.
  10. Enjoy the best night out in farming. Often described as the “Farming Oscars” you and your partner will be wined and diner at one of London’s finest hotels, attended by the great and good of the farming world.

*To enter this year’s awards go to our dedicated website or contact Marion Phillips 0208 652 4081.