Tesco first to increase pig and poultry prices

Tesco has announced a significant price increase for poultry and pork, only a day after the NFU and NPA launched a campaign to increase farmgate prices.


Following soaring wheat prices, livestock farmers and, in particular, pig and poultry producers, have seen substantial increases in feed bills, causing industry bodies to warn of an impending crisis in the sectors.


The news of an increase comes at a critical time for UK poultry producers, according to NFU poultry board chairman, Charles Bourns.


“Cost increases like these simply cannot be absorbed by producers which is why we commend Tesco for reacting to these supply chain pressures so swiftly.”


Marks and Spencer are currently working with suppliers to establish a sustainable price, added the union.


Mr Bourns reiterated the need for other major retailers to react to the price pressures which are currently affecting UK pig and poultry producers.


“We will be expecting other retailers to announce price increases to their suppliers at the earliest opportunity, following Tesco’s lead.”


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