Tesco launches milk label that guarantees fair price

Tesco has launched a new label on all its own-brand milk, guaranteeing to customers that it pays a fair price for its milk.

All its own-brand fresh milk is sourced from 600 farmers in the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group (TSDG), who are paid according to the cost of production, with the price currently at 28.69p/ litre.

The launch of the label follows Morrisons’ “Milk for Farmers” brand which it started selling in October, following protests from dairy farmers earlier last year.  

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The 10p/litre premium on the Morrisons milk brand was criticised for misleading customers into thinking they were supporting British producers, when in fact the label milk price premium was being split between Arla’s 13,500 co-op members across Europe.

The retailer claimed that since the launch of the TSDG in November 2007 it had paid £240m above the AHDB average milk price.

Tesco sources the rest of its milk for its own-brand dairy products from Arla and Muller.