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The Improving Farm Productivity Grant: Solar PV quotes for application approval

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Novalux installs sustainable energy systems including CHP, biomass and Solar. Each system is designed bespoke by our in-house team to meet your businesses needs, often achieving 4 year paybacks.

Solar PV can help support farm profits by providing long term savings and income from the energy generated.

If you have submitted your project to the Government checker, the second round of funding applications is currently open through the Improving Farm Productivity Grant, offering farm owners the opportunity to harness grants ranging from £15,000 to £100,000 for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

If you’ve already applied to install solar under The Improving Farm Productivity Grant, Novalux can help to support you with your application by providing a design and quote for your system within five days, contributing to the three quotes you’ll need to prove you have been to tender.

As an experienced installer, established in 2010, Novalux can assess your site and produce a design by using satellite imagery.

The only information we need to produce your quote is your address and whether you currently have 3-phase electricity or not. Novalux are able to quote for batteries and roof mount systems, in addition to upgrades to the grid.

If you’d like to proceed, we can provide you with the following information to contribute to your application for The Improving Farm Productivity Grant:

  • A full breakdown of project costs
  • A timeline with key dates and project milestones
  • Outline the project outputs
  • Projected income that will contribute to the financial forecasts needed for the impact of your system

You can request a quote today here or email

1. A full breakdown of project costs

The quote will cover equipment, installation and any other additional costs. Novalux keep costs competitive by designing and managing each project in house.

The panels Novalux uses are best in class and importantly, have longevity whilst being well priced.

The quote will be inclusive of installation costs, the solar panels themselves, in addition to solar batteries if requested, inverters, utility meters, electrical grid connections and power diverters.

2. Key dates and project milestones

On receipt of your quote Novalux can provide you with a timeline for panel delivery, installation and electrification of your system.

We can also assist with applications to the DNO and planning permission and will include associated dates in your timeline.

3. Outline of project outputs

The quote you will receive will provide you with a design which shows number of panels, system size and projected electricity produced by the arrays for the next 25 years.

4. Projected income contributing to financial forecasts

The quote will also cover the price of system, return on investment and 25 years cash flow based on the expected energy production from the arrays.

This will take into consideration savings on electricity and income from Power Purchase Agreements.

Over the past 14 years Novalux has built up experience in Government Initiatives and grants through working under the FiT, both in the application for the incentive and meeting deadlines as required by the scheme.

If you’d like us to visit your site in person instead, we can arrange a convenient time for you to meet.

To submit an enquiry please email with the address of your site today or go to novaluxenergy/receive-a-quote-in-5-days

If you didn’t apply for the grant but would still like to get a quote for Solar PV please feel free to submit an enquiry to the above address.