Tight supply drives strong feed bean prices

Feed bean prices have jumped by £12/t over the past week, with the delayed harvest tightening supplies. As Farmers Weekly went to press, feed beans were worth about £220/t ex-farm, with feed peas at about £206/t.

“Before the rain arrived earlier in September, between 25% and 30% of the bean crop had been cut,” said Alan Wymer from Saxon Agriculture. “Around 90% of our samples were making the human consumption grade, which tightened the feed market up.”

Sustained rain over the past couple of weeks had slowed harvest progress, exacerbating tight supplies. “Harvest restarted last week, and quality is a bit mixed,” said Mr Wymer. The premium for human consumption beans had now fallen below £20/t, and could drop further if quality remained good.

Wheat and rapeseed markets also improved this week, with bad weather in Argentina potentially damaging wheat yields and delaying maize plantings, which could result in a higher soyabean area.

DEFRA has confirmed the final English wheat area at 1.51m ha – 19% below last year. Spring barley plantings increased by 94%, to 571,000ha, with rapeseed pegged at a near-record level of 676,000ha.

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