Top 10 cross-compliance transgressions

Farmers could save £2.57m in SFP deductions by following correct-cross compliance procedures.

Each year around 1% of farmers subject to cross-compliance are inspected by the RPA. Those found not to have met standards may have their subsidy payment reduced.

The standard reduction for a negligent breach is 3% of payment receipts, though penalties can range from a warning letter to 5% reduction. An intentional breach carries a standard 20% deduction, though this can vary.

In 2011, 2,046 cross-compliance failures resulted in deductions of almost £2.57m from English SFP payments. The most common included:

SMR/GAEC  Failures
Cattle identification and registration (SMR 7)* 1,273
Sheep and goats identification 170
Animal welfare (SMR 18) 120
Soil protection review (GAEC 1) 88
Protection of hedgerows and watercourses (GAEC 14) 77
Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (SMR 4)


Food and feed law (SMR11)


Control of weeds (GAEC 11)


Restrictions on use of plant protection products (SMR 9)


Public rights of way (GAEC 8)


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