Top chef backs EBLEX lamb and beef campaign

Michelin starred chef, Nigel Haworth, is backing an EBLEX initiative to promote new cuts of meat to consumers.

‘Discover lamb’ is the latest in the EBLEX initiative to enhance the profitability and sustainability of the English beef and lamb sector.

Research has found that consumers are rejecting traditional roasts and cuts due to time and financial pressures, and an increase in smaller households.

The initiative hopes to address this decline in consumer interest by bringing new, smaller cuts to supermarket shelves.

Tesco has worked with EBLEX to offer its Discover Lamb and The Carvery range in stores. The range utilises forequarter cuts including lamb leg cutlets and noisettes.

Lincolnshire-based chef, Nigel Haworth, is serving the cuts in his hotels and producing recipes to help consumers to cook the joints at home.

See Nigel demonstrating one of the Carvery range recipes in this video.

Mike Whittemore, head of Trade Marketing, EBLEX, said, “Maximising carcase value, improving carcase utilisation and delivering a more consistent product for consumers lie behind our latest product development initiatives.
“The Discover Lamb and The Carvery concepts have the potential to drive up the value of the beef and lamb categories, generating better returns throughout the supply chain, from farm-gate to checkout counter.
“It’s positive news for beef and lamb farmers because our new product development initiatives will encourage the retail and foodservice sectors to present their produce in the best possible light, providing a great platform for the industry to develop and modernise the beef and lamb sector, both in terms of meeting shopper needs as well as improving profitability.”

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