Top-end Landini tractors take cue from McCormick

Stretching from 230hp to 280hp, the new Powerful models replace the Starland range, which was built by Buhler in Canada and was more or less identical to New Holland’s G70 Genesis tractors developed during the 1990s.

“We needed an updated model, although the straightforward Star¬land proved very popular in the emerging markets of eastern Europe, where simple, easy to main¬tain high horsepower tractors are what is required,” says Adrian Win¬net, Landini UK sales manager.

“The new Powerful range will offer greater sophistication for those customers that demand it in other parts of Europe. But before we offer it in the UK we need to bridge the gap in our range above the 180hp Legend/Landpower with its more basic transmission.”

Acknowledging that the UK is not the strongest market for its high-horsepower tractors, the company will first launch its 185hp to 215hp Powermaster tractors into the UK next February.

These also share many design fea¬tures with equivalent McCormick XTX models but are differentiated by a chassis-less stressed engine design and Landini cab.

They will be built in Italy whereas the larger Powerful tractors will emerge from McCormick’s Doncaster plant ready for sale in Europe from next summer.