Training on offer to end ‘disappointing’ farm tenders

Farmers are harming their chances of securing a farm tenancy by submitting “disappointing” rent tender applications.

The YFC is highlighting that it runs both a farm business development competition and tenancy training day, which are both aimed at young farmers who want to improve their chances of be awarded a tenancy.

The training day is run in conjunction with the Tenant Farmers Association and Savills in order to give farmers the skills they need in order to take their businesses forward.

TFA Chief Executive George Dunn said: “Putting together a proposal to rent a farm from a landowner is not something that many agricultural colleges include as part of their curriculum. It is of great importance that those wishing to rent holdings know how to structure a tender document and conduct themselves if selected for interview for a farm.

“The training day provides the young people involved with both a landlord’s and tenant’s perspective of the whole process, which should stand them in good stead in the future.”

Clive Beer, Director of Savills Rural Professional Services, added: “I am continually disappointed with the quality of rent tender applications that we receive and am therefore committed to offering training opportunities to provide practical training that will have benefits to those becoming new entrants.”

The competition uses the particulars of a case-study farm which entrants view to prepare and submit a business tender before being interviewed by a panel of experts.

Winning team members are awarded Oxford Farming Conference scholarships to continue their personal development.