UK cheese production highest in 26 years

UK cheese production in August was the highest since 1987, rising by 10% on the same month last year, to more 35,000t.

This took cumulative production from January to August very slightly above the three-year average, according to a report by DairyCo.

“The reduced availability of milk in the UK and Europe throughout 2012 and early 2013 had previously caused cheese production to drop, as increased prices of butter and powder provided a stronger and quicker market return for manufacturers,” it said.

“Increased milk supply has now enabled manufacturers to start to compensate for reduced cheese production earlier in the year.”

However, with increasing Irish milk production, more cheese could cross the Irish Sea into the GB market, warned the report. “More favourable weather has seen Irish milk production recover well over the summer compared to a year ago, after lagging behind in the cold spring.”

Irish milk production in August was 8.2% up on the year, with cumulative production from January to August 0.2% higher. Cumulative butter production was down by 3.6%.

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