VIDEO: Behind the scenes at the YFC Young Farmers agm entertainments final in Blackpool

The National Entertainments Final is the biggest competition at the Young Farmers Club agm. This year, Faisal Alani decided to spend the day of the final in Blackpool with one of the clubs to find out what has gone into competing at this level.

This was the third year Raughton Head YFC had made the entertainments final, and the Cumbrian club were hopeful this year’s England-themed play would secure them the title.

The club’s 70 members wrote the play last year and began rehearsals in January.


All of the costumes and props for the play were hand-made: the club’s youngest member, 13-year-old Tom, helped make the ships while the hats were made from calendars taken from the local vet.

It was the first time many of the 40-strong cast had performed in public, but they took rehearsals seriously.

They were spotted dancing in the street, singing in the hotel lounge and before the agm they even rehearsed on a dairy farm in and amongst the cows.

Despite the nerves and last-minute costume panics, the group pulled together on the day and proved very popular with the audience.


And while they didn’t go home with the trophy, the club was happy with their performance and vowed to come back next year.

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