VIDEO: Bovine TB decimates Devon dairy farm

Dairy farmer David Bolt has suffered a heart-rending decline in his farm since it was first hit with TB in 2001.

The farm has lost 225 cattle, with 65 animals being shot in one single day.

Mr Bolt puts his financial loses due to TB at over £200,000 in addtition to stress on him and his family which can’t be counted in monetary terms.

The recent price cuts have worsened the situation, even without TB, Mr Bolt estimates that he’s losing 6p/litre. The family is living on tax credits and with only 70 cows now he fears he will not be able to continue as a dairy farmer for much longer.

Farmers Weekly’s Olivia Cooper visited David Bolt to hear his story, watch the video below and you can read the full story in this week’s Farmers Weekly magazine (Friday 31st August).

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