Video: Lamb price crash pushes farmers into red

Auctioneers have warned that farmers will be losing money with today’s rock-bottom lamb prices.

At Ashford market in Kent on Tuesday (28 July), an entry of 1,800 lambs averaged 145p/kg – down 7p/kg on the week and £10 a head on the year.

Prices averaged 144.1p/kg across the whole country as a weak euro, healthy supplies and New Zealand imports continue to bite.

Hobbs Parker director Elwyn Davies said producers would be very disappointed with the current trade.

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“At this time of year there is quite a high percentage of concentrate-fed lambs,” he said.

“There will be no margin and they would be losing money at these prices.”

Mr Davies said store lamb sales, which start this Friday at Ashford, could rein in supplies by taking lighter lambs off the finished market.

He cautioned that lambs needed to be sold when they were fit, as any holding back would only push back problems later into the season.

“At the prices where they are, at particularly low levels, I believe they are the lowest for the time of year since 2009,” Mr Davies said.

“I am sure at these prices the industry would like to see more promotion.”

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