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Webinar: Ask the… Land Promoter

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Rosconn Strategic Land are experts in obtaining planning permission and maximising financial return on behalf of landowners and are recognised as one of the leading land promotion companies in the UK. Rosconn Strategic Land works closely with its clients throughout the process to find the right purchaser, at the best possible price, ensuring maximum return. This process is carefully carried out in a Trusted, Transparent and Innovative way, ensuring that the entire customer experience is world class.

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Selling your land can be a hugely stressful and unfamiliar process but with some knowledge of the system and help from a land agent, you can achieve a lucrative profit for your property.

These three webinars from Rosconn Strategic Land provide a host of practical advice on how to get your land ready to be sold to ensure that the process is as smooth and quick as possible.

So whether you are about to sell or thinking about putting your land on the market in future, join our expert panel as they give you the steps you need for a successful sale.

Episode four

In episode 4, and the final webinar of the Ask the… Land Promoter Series, the panel from Rosconn Strategic Land, share some of their abundant experience as they walk you through the entire journey of Land promotion.

Episode three

In episode 3 of the Ask the… Land Promoter Series, experts from Rosconn Strategic Land share some of their 16+ years of experience in selling a wide variety of land parcels, including:

• Is my title up to date?
• Do I need to register for VAT?
• Do I need to consult my accountant?
• Are there surveys that I should be carrying out?
• Should I be keeping future rights over the land being sold?

Episode two

The introduction of Neighbourhood Planning within the Localism Act in 2011, empowers local communities to shape the future of development in their neighbourhood. With this, comes the potential of significant income which can be used to support local growth and change.

So if you’re a landowner in an area where a Neighbourhood Plan is being considered or already in preparation, knowing how this system works so that you can effectively promote your land as a potential housing site is key.

Join land promotion specialists from Rosconn as they provide you with the necessary steps on how to successfully promote your land in for consideration.

Some of the topics covered in this webinar will include:

• What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
• How is a Neighbourhood Plan prepared?
• Can a Neighbourhood Plan allocate sites for new housing?
• How can I promote my land effectively?

Episode one

Selling your land is a very important decision to make and not knowing the full development capability of your property could lead to you losing out.

In this session, Daniel O’Donnell (founder), Nick Carr (operations director) and Daniel Hatcher (planning director) from Rosconn Strategic Land provide you with the tips and tools on how to maximise your return and development potential.

Watch the webinar to:

• Learn what a promotion agreement is and what the key advantages are
• Understand what a land promoter does and how they can help you
• Assess whether your land has development potential and how you can maximise your land value

Questions answered include:

• How can I put my land into consideration for a local Neighborhood Development Plan?
• Is signing up with a land promoter a better option than with a local or national house builder?
• My land is located within the green belt so does this mean it can never be built on?
• How long does it take to get planning permission?

If you have any questions, please contact us.