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Webinar: BNG – how to secure an income without the risk

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Environment Bank is leasing parcels of land to co-create biologically diverse habitats that will play a key role in addressing the critical issue of biodiversity loss whilst providing long-term income to landowners.

We know that biodiversity net gain provides a significant opportunity for farmers to diversify their business, but how much can they earn and how can they mitigate the risk?

Hear first-hand from farmers and BNG experts how the Environment Bank’s model removes all liability from the landowner and secures significant long-term income starting in as little as 12 weeks.

Watch the webinar to find out:

  • How Habitat Bank creation can help to build long-term business resilience for farmers
  • What the habitat creation options are for your land and the income they can generate?
  • What are the payments and how soon can they start?
  • Can Habitat Banks help achieve net-zero targets?
  • The legal aspects of establishing a Habitat Bank on your land