Welsh average farm income falls by one-third

The average farm business income in Wales has fallen by nearly one-third in 12 months.

According to figures published today (21 January), the average farm business income in Wales for 2012-13 was £28,400, a 30% decrease on the 2011-12 level.

Welsh farm minister Alun Davies acknowledged the past two years had been a difficult period for farmers, but suggested the income figures reflected a need for greater resilience.

“Long term, I believe my decisions on CAP will help farmers increase their efficiency and profits, exploit opportunities for new markets and strengthen our resilience to unexpected events,” he said.

Average farm business income for Welsh dairy farms in 2012-13 was £45,100, £22,900 for cattle and sheep farms in Less Favoured Areas and £30,200 for lowland cattle and sheep farms.

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