Wiseman offers premium for new milk brand

Robert Wiseman Dairies is now recruiting farmers in the West Midlands and north Wales area to supply its new a2 milk contract.

The branded milk venture with New Zealand company A2 Corporation was unveiled last November and aims to launch a range of milk products suitable for people with self-diagnosed lactose intolerance later this autumn.

Wiseman is offering a premium of 2.5p/litre over its standard farmgate price (currently 28.43p/litre) for milk from cows with the A2 beta Casein protein required for a2 milk. It is also offering “conversion incentives” and will cover the costs of DNA sampling cattle to determine those with the A2 milk protein.

Milk suppliers in the Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and north Wales area are being targeted.

“The product is aimed at the growing market of people with a perceived intolerance to milk and who don’t currently consume cows milk,” Sean Uprichard, chief executive of a2 Milk (UK), said.

“Results so far suggest that most herds have around a third of cows with the A2 beta Casein protein which is required for a2 milk, and we will work with farmers to help find the best solution to either convert their herd to solely A2 cows or segregate the A2 milk and appropriate financial assistance will be offered.”

Dairy farmers interested in joining the Wiseman Milk Group and supplying a2 milk should contact Wiseman Farm Services, 01630 650 200 or a2milksupply@wiseman-dairies.co.uk.