Wiseman to hold milk price

ROBERT WISEMAN Dairies has confirmed that the price it pays its direct suppliers for raw milk is to be maintained from October until further notice.

The move means that Wiseman will continue to pay 19.73p for a standard litre of milk.

Pete Nicholson, Wiseman‘s director of milk procurement, said: “We have concerns about the future weakening of commodity markets and about the recent decision of one of our competitors to reduce their price.

“However, we have agreed with the Wiseman Milk Group representatives to hold our current milk price.

“Where possible we like to promote stability and believe that this is what producers seek, and we know that this is the wish of our customers.”

Chairman of the Wiseman Milk Partnership, Andrew Ballantyne said the decision was bold and to be commended.

“It was surprising to see one of Wiseman‘s competitors cut its milk price when that company was already paying a lower milk price than Wiseman.                                

“In light of this I do share the concerns Wiseman raise about their relative competitive position.”

But he added: “It is up to each dairy producer to ask searching questions about milk price of the processing company that buys their milk.

“I am sure that my fellow dairy farmers throughout the UK will do this.”