YFC 09: Young Farmers demand explanation after police close party

Managers at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens and the security firm on duty have backed Young Farmers’ calls for the police to justify their decision to close bars early in the venue last night at the YFC’s 2009 annual convention.

As reported earlier on FW’s special YFC coverage area, police licensing officers took control of the venue and insisted bars were shut during the evening’s popular fancy dress party attended by an estimated 4000-plus people.

In a joint statement, the NFYFC, the Winter Gardens and Showsec insisted the event was being “properly and safely managed” and all three parties vowed to make “the strongest representations to the Blackpool police for a full explanation of the police decision”.

Winter Gardens general manager Peter Walters said: “The NFYFC annual convention is the best organised event that we have at the venue and the best managed.

A spokesman for Showsec stressed: “This is the best prepared and best run in my 12 years in this business.”


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