Young farmer snaps ‘fwinning’ photo

Farming ag student, Alice Dyer, has won Farmers Weekly’s #FWinning Instagram competition with her picture called ‘The Lambulance’.

The 22-year-old Royal Agricultural University student took the honours with this photo of a wheelbarrow of lambs she took while working on a sheep farm in Kent earlier this year.

The lambs had been cooped up all day in the shed and we’re on their way to the field – the barrow, or as Alice called it the “lambulance” solved a way to move them all at the same time.

“I was moving them from the lambing shed to the field – and this seemed the easiest way to do it,” said Alice. “I was working hard but having fun at the same time.”

Alice, who’s in her final year at Cirencester, studied photography at A level and hopes to go into agricultural journalism. “I have a Nikon D60, but all my Instagram photos are taken on my phone,” she said.

Her prize is a limited edition Farmers Weekly cowprint onesie.

The Famers Weekly instagram #fwinning competition sought snaps of readers in “winning” scenes – doing something great, whether at work or play, on a farm or in a lecture hall.

Agri_vator uploaded this of himself and his machine. Now although he didn’t win there was some fierce argument in the Farmers Weekly office as many of us wanted to see Agri_vator in this pose in the FW onesie.

We had cute, we had funny and we had some good old-fashioned ‘proper’ photography, such as this stunning scene uploaded by David Johnston.

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