Your guide to entitlements trading

Entitlements are the key to unlocking this year’s single farm payment. Here you can find out how to trade them, what their value is likely to be and what the tax considerations are as well as trading strategies from top brokers that might suit your business.

RLE1 formEntitlements for beginners
The first port of call for basic entitlement queries, including what are the different sorts, who can transfer them to whom and how.

Scottish landScottish sales lead the UK in setting values
A keen auction trade in Scottish entitlements has seen them change hands at about 2.5 times their SFP value. More details here.

Ploughing landEngland limbers up for trade
Though trading has not yet started in earnest in England, forward values are lower than in Scotland.

Taxing problems for entitlementsEntitlement tax issues
The transfer of entitlements has implications for CGT, taper relief and VAT


RPA confirms non-farmers can transfer entitlements
Fears that single payment entitlements could only be transferred between working farmers have been dispelled by the Rural Payments Agency.

Make application for entitlement transfers now
Farm advisers have been trying to ease confusion over single payment entitlement transfer deadlines, with farmers still unsure which date to aim for. 

Small window for transfers
Mounting fears that full single farm payment receipts in England may be delayed beyond February could mean that entitlement transfers will not be completed before the 15 May cut-off date.

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