FW Learning Centre: Grow your farming knowledge and career

We’re delighted to share with you Farmers Weekly’s latest initiative – a new online tool to make learning even easier.

The Farmers Weekly Learning Centre will let you earn CPD points just by reading our content and answering quizzes – all from the comfort of the kitchen, sofa or farm office.

As an approved training provider of BASIS, RoSA, NRoSO and Dairy Pro schemes, this means we can help you stay accredited with just a few clicks.

For those of you who are Farmers Weekly subscribers, you will be entitled to two CPD points from both BASIS and RoSA yearly for just being a subscriber.

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Learning for everyone

The Learning Centre also has a lot to offer those of you not affiliated with an industry training scheme.

By bringing together a number of articles on a topic into collections, you can brush up your knowledge on a particular subject without having to spend time browsing through the internet.

So that’s more time on the job, or having a well-earned break.

We have collections focusing on business subjects, including a package looking at succession planning, inheritance tax advice and managing staff.

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Among our livestock collections you’ll find tips on controlling weeds, improving soil health, and a collection covering all the information you need on how to verify your livestock’s water supply is clean enough – and what you can do to improve it. 

More to come

 In the months ahead, we’ll package up more content to broaden the topic areas on offer, so keep coming back to the Learning Centre to find out how it can help you.

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Some of you will remember the old Farmers Weekly Academy which was our previous venture into offering help with CPD.

Since that closed, many of you have been in touch to see if we could bring it back.

We’re really pleased that we have been able to not only replace it, but create what we believe is a superior product that will not cost Farmers Weekly subscribers a penny extra.

But don’t just take our word for it. Go to fwi.co.uk/learning-centre to start earning CPD points.

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