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Tesco Future Farmer Foundation 2021 applications now open

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The programme which is fully funded by Tesco was set up in 2014 and aims to support and inspire young people in UK and Irish farming.

It is available to people aged 20-35 years from all farming sectors, including new entrants and next generation farmers, who look to develop a successful future in agriculture, aquaculture and horticulture.

To date 400 young farmers have participated in the programme with 50 places available on the 12 month programme which starts in January each year.

Around 33% have been industry new entrants with the remainder next generation farmers. The programme focuses on core elements including; Business planning, obtaining land, leadership skills, personal development and understanding the supply chain.

Fully funded

The programme is fully funded by Tesco, we know this might seem too good to be true. Tesco Future Foundation is about equipping young farmers with the skills they need to thrive and diversify within a challenging yet rewarding industry.

What’s on offer

A remarkably diverse range of activities are organised to develop personal skills and industry knowledge.


  • Supply chain visits across a variety of farming sectors
  • Five workshop which address the challenges for young people in agriculture; succession planning, finance, business plans, obtaining land, succession planning, sustainability and leadership training
  • An alumni event with industry guest speakers
  • Peer and industry mentor opportunity – each Future Farmer will be matched with an individual peer mentor as well as the opportunity to be matched with a mentor within the agri-food industry
  • Each intake has the opportunity to access a £10,000 training fund in order to upskill and develop themselves and their business
  • Peer and industry mentor opportunity – each Future Farmer will be matched with an individual peer mentor as well as the opportunity to be matched with a mentor within the agri-food industry.


The industry mentoring programme has proven to be a highlight of the programme, it allows the mentee to receive valuable insight into the agri-food supply chain, boost their network, develop strategies to overcome challenges and obstacles, increase self-awareness, help identify and achieve objectives and goals both personally and professionally which in turn, allows them to reach their full potential.

The mentor acts as a confidential and impartial sounding board which allows and open and honest conversation about the mentee’s strengths and opportunities.

Meet the Future Farmers

Tamara Pickstock

Tamara Pickstock with a ewe

What is your current job?

I’m in the senior management team at Pickstock Foods Ltd (our new lamb processing facility in Derbyshire), focusing on technical/ quality management, marketing and day-to day operations.

What attracted you to the Future Farmer Foundation?

Everything! The opportunity to meet like-minded young people, the supply chain visits, the guest speakers and the conference content – I love to keep learning and growing and the TFFF ticked all those boxes for me.

What have you gained from the programme?

So much confidence, and some great friends.

What was the highlight for you?

The supply chain visits were the ultimate highlight for me – I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to visit such a variety of different enterprises.

Everything from trout farming in a Loch in Scotland, to cheese processing in Staffordshire, to the Tesco Sustainable Pork supplier in Wiltshire.

There was something to learn from each supply chain visit, plus the friendships you make along the way will stay with me for life.

George Wright

George Wright

What is your current job?

Dairy Herdsman

What attracted you to the Future Farmer Foundation?

The Future Farmer Foundation offered a fantastic opportunity to see a wide variety of agricultural businesses that I would not have had the chance to see otherwise.

I was also attracted to apply because of the excellent learning opportunities, especially around business planning and management.

What have you gained from the programme?

I gained a huge amount from the programme. I learnt about and saw things that I never expected to, from lean management to fish farming.

My biggest gain from the programme, however, is the amazing network of people and friends that I have developed. I now have friends across almost every area of agriculture, who I can draw on for advice and help when needed.

What was the highlight for you?

I have a number of highlights from my time as a future farmer. However, the site trip up to Scotland to visit Dawnfresh stands out for me.

It was an area of agriculture that I had not previously been exposed to. Combine the beautiful loch scenery, rare Scottish sunshine and road trip from their Glasgow factory to the lochs. What more could you ask for?

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