Farmer-built kit

Farmers are ingenious at building customised kit for those gaps that manufacturers have not yet filled – they’re also pretty handy with power tools. Read about some of the clever kit farmers have built to solve problems or save a bit of cash.

Table of contents:

  • Farm-built dribble bar improves contractor’s slurry accuracy
  • Farmer saves cash by 3D printing parts for home-built drill
  • Farmer builds ingenious twin-chamber double square baler
  • Custom-built cultivators offers money-saving alternative
  • Farmer’s home-made subsoiler-harrow smashes clay soils
  • Surrey farmer builds 4m no-till drill on a £2,000 budget
  • Farmer builds £24,000 strip-till drill from scratch
  • How clever mobile cow mast helps improve beef breeding
  • Borders contractor builds £47,000 slurry spreading system