Agritechnica: Lacotec readies Raptor tractor for 2015

German firm Lacotec first appeared in the UK at last year’s Grassland event and the company seems to be making big strides in product development.

Stretched out across its stand was the front cab Raptor tractor unit carrying a gang of five 3m Pottinger mowers. The design was originally owned by the Liebherr family, but has more recently been taken on by Lacotec.

It’s due to be ready for production by 2015, with the option of a 450hp or 550hp Cat engine and AdBlue to deal with emissions. The transmission is built by Lacotec and works in a similar way to Fendt’s Vario system with a two-range CVT extending from 0-40kph.

However, while the operator must switch between the Fendt’s ranges manually, the Lacotec system does it automatically.

It has permanent four-wheel drive and two or four-wheel steer. The front links will hoist up to 11t and the cab is also Lacotec’s own design, with most controls via a joystick. It has a natty folding system, too, which sees the five gang mowers squeezed into the Raptor’s 3m transport width.

It costs about €460,000 for the tractor, forage blower, maize chopper and mowers.

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