Budget Sprinter sprayer from Berthoud

If you’re after a budget-end trailed sprayer then Berthoud’s new Sprinter might be worth a look.

It’s relatively compact and the only tank option on offer is 2,500-litre plastic one. On the back is Berthoud’s new ALS axial-suspended boom with centre pivot, which comes in widths from 18-24m.

The layout is simple-as-you-like, with valves and an induction hopper positioned at the front of the sprayer. A 130-litres/min, low maintenance piston pump is standard.

Berthoud says there is still plenty of demand for a base spec trailed model like the Sprinter. It is the smallest trailed sprayer in the French firm’s line-up and will be available from October onwards. There’s no price set yet, but we’re told it will be around the £25,000 mark.

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