Cereals 2012 new kit: Claydon drill


Claydon’s new offering to oilseed rape growers is its version of a seeder piggybacking a cultivator. Designed to work directly into uncultivated stubble to improve soil structure and retain moisture, the drill adopts Claydon’s existing strip-till system.

It is based on the chassis and tines of the company’s original V drill –a two-tine coulter system that is more simple and lightweight than usual. That’s because every other tine is removed, leaving 60cm rows to improve trash flow.

The V-shaped frame folds to 2.8m for transport and horsepower requirement is 180-200hp – far less than might be needed to pull a combination drill, the company points out. Working speeds are 8-12kph and there’s the choice of narrower 22mm single-piece tines to reduce soil disturbance. The price of the V Rape Drill is £21,500.

Claydon drill

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