Cereals 2013: Bigger discs give Teagle’s unit more depth

Cornish company Teagle has developed an XXL version of its Multidisc disc harrow in response to customer demand for deeper-working options.

As the name suggests, the latest addition to the Teagle cultivations range sports some of the largest discs on the market – 610mm as well as the 510mm and 560mm options.

The gap between disc gangs has increased too, which Teagle reckons should maintain good trash movement through the machine. The new version is also 1,300kg heavier than its XL baby brother and has heavier duty suspension rubbers to cope with the work.

There are five rollers to pick from at the back – 500mm, 600mm, or 800mm packer, 600mm ring or 600mm cage roller. Pin adjustment is used to vary roller depth.

The mounted Multidisc range is available in rigid form from 3-4.5m and hydraulic folding options extend from 4-7m.

There’s also a trailed design in the pipeline and it could be ready by autumn.

Teagle estimates power requirements for the Multidisc XXL to be about 40hp/m.

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