Cereals 2013: Holmer harvester – heavy but speedy

Even if you don’t grow sugar beet, you can’t have failed to notice how huge and sophisticated the latest beet harvesters are becoming.

Most harvesters on the market have lifters that all operate together. However the latest German-made Holmer harvester has the extra advantage of independently operated lifters.

This means that if the harvester encounters a deep sprayer wheeling or a field-edge where the beet are lower than on the rest of the field,  the driver  can set one or a pair of lifters to operate at a different height than the rest of them. In fact there’s 250mm of travel on each lifter.

This latest machine is designed to be relatively speedy, with a 10-11kph forward speed easily achievable. Other changes include the arrival of a 520hp AdBlue-equipped MAN engine in place of the previous 480hp unit and a wider 800-900mm transfer web.

These machines are inevitably heavyweights – this machine weighs 25t and a full load of beet will push that  up to 47t – but the effects of that weight are mitigated by the fitment of Michelin Ultraflex 800/70 R32 tyres at the front and 1050/50 R32 MegaxBibs at the back.

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