Cereals 2013: JB Edlington plan rolls that cover 12.3m

JB Edlington might not be quite as prolific as some of the bigger European manufacturers when it comes to developing new machinery, but Cereals provided the perfect launchpad for the Lincolnshire maker’s latest set of rolls.

The firm previously offered vertical folding and Cousins Sidewinder-style reverse-and-they-unfold roller designs, but demand from buyers has meant there’s now a horizontally folding version to pick from, too.

The new range has the same width options as before – 6.5-8.3m – although the company is looking to add two extra gangs in the future to take working width up to 12.3m. The well-established firm also reports demand for 16m rolls from farmers working on 32m tramlines.

Each gang has a centre pivot point in the middle to help follow field contours and total weight is up to 5.5t. Buyers can pick from 22in, 24in or 26in rings, with prices ranging accordingly from £7,795-10,395.

That means there’s about a £250 saving from picking the horizontal folding version, plus the added height advantages when storing them in low buildings and stability gains on the road.

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