Cereals 2013: KRM Soladrill with discs

North Yorkshire firm KRM has added a new model to its popular Soladrill range, the 2512.

However instead of the usual tine option,  this one can be specified with either a double disc coulter or an Elite tine coulter.

Tines work well, especially in bad conditions, says KRM’s Keith  Rennie, and are good at penetrating hard soils and dealing with lots of residue.  However some farmers prefer a disc, especially if the seedbed is on the dry side and the field has a mixture of soil types.

The central hopper holds 1,600 litres of seed and has a waterproof lid and screen to keep labels and other foreign bodies from blocking the mechanism.

The Solatronic in-cab control unit takes care of  tramline sequences, area and forward speed recording, fan speed and hopper low seed level.

Models with 3m and 4m widths will be on offer. Price for the 3m is £16,000, while the 4m costs £29,695.

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