Cereals 2013: Sumo DTS latest cultivation kit

Sumo was one of several Yorkshire-based manufacturers showing off their latest cultivations kit.

The DTS drill is now available in mounted, 3m form, joining the seven other width options in the Sumo DTS line-up.

The deep-tillage seeder gets a leading cutting disc that doubles up as a depth guide. Trailing that is an auto-reset-protected deep-loosening tine capable of working down to 300mm.

A Canadian-made seed coulter follows that, putting the seed from the 1t hopper and variable rate RDS metering system down to the ground through a 120mm wide double-chute seed boot.

That means the seed is laid in bands, which are then covered by discs and pressed into place by pairs of pneumatic press wheels in V-formation.

The 3m version costs £32,541 and can now be ordered with a front-mounted fertiliser tank. This can be used to apply liquid fert along the rip line directly between the seeds. A 1,300-litre tank adds about £10,000 to the price.

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