Cereals 2013: Twose rolls in with magnificent seven-gang

Plenty of large arable farmers and contractors have decided to invest in a wider set of rolls, with several UK firms now selling 18m versions.

Tiverton-based Twose is the latest, launching its FR7-1840 ready for this autumn’s cultivations.

It’s a big move by the firm; its last biggest was a five-gang, 12m set. The new seven-gang unit is available with either 22in or 24in Cambridge rings, and comes with hydraulic brakes and a sprung drawbar.

There’s full hydraulic pressure balancing across the gangs and the rolls are three-point linkage mounted for better weight transfer. They’re heavy, too – 13.5t – so the company reckons you’ll want a 350hp tractor on the front.

The sets of rolls are built using a 65mm shaft, which Twose says is larger than some of its competitors’, and each gang is centre-floating to follow the lumps and bumps.

The price of the 18m unit is £55,000.

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