Desert Engineering offer new reversible engine fan models

Desert Engineering, the new importer of Cleanfix reversible engine fans, says it now offers models for John Deere 6R, MF7600 and Fendt 700 models.

These allow the fan pitch to be altered so that straw and chaff can be blown forward out of the radiators.

A new lightweight C222 hub updates the older C225 plastic hub with a durable aluminium housing and updated blade control mechanism. This has made the reversing mechanism much more efficient, says the company, and the fan blades more responsive when changing pitch.

A thinner blade design has also been used to further reduce fan power losses as the blade cuts through the air with greater efficiency. As well as reducing fuel consumption and power drain, the new fan blades are said to reduce stress on the fan belt while reversing.

Prices for a John Deere 6R start at £1,580.

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