Grassland & Muck 2014: Tanco launches bale wrapper for steep banks

The Irish machinery boys were out in force at this year’s Grassland & Muck event.

Tanco was one of the many makers strutting its stuff and it had a new version of its mid-range trailed wrapper on show.

Called the A100, it comes with a fully automated wrapping system and remote control to use when working at the stack.

There’s also a slightly more basic version that comes with a servo joystick controller.

The main updates from the previous model have been to improve stability and strength. This means the table is now bigger so the bale sits in deeper and 300mm lower so it’s less likely to tip on steep banks.

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The wheels have also been shifted to the back of the chassis to transfer more weight on the back of the tractor and keep it more stable when releasing the bale.

The joystick controlled version costs £10,900 and the fully automatic version is £12,500.