Grassland UK: Aerworx shows linkage-mounted aerator

Somerset farmer Mark Heywood is now having his own version of the US-designed Lawson pasture aerator built for dealers here in the UK.

The latest development of the Aerworx is a linkage-mounted machine which is some £3,000 cheaper than the original trailed units that he first imported. Available in working widths up to 3.6m, there is a choice of drums from 0.5m up to 1.1m diameter which can be water-ballasted to bring total machine weight up to 6.2t.

Weight is critical, according to Mr Heywood, so that the aerator’s helical spines can create a shattering effect right down into the subsoil.

As an optional extra, Aerworx aerators can be fitted with grass harrow tines. With two rows ahead of the heavy roller and two following it, the sward is scarified at the same time as aeration, maximising the pasture’s potential. As an example, a 3m version with 760mm drum will cost £7,800.

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