Grassland UK: Grass-Tech showcases GT120 mower

Irish firm Grass Technology was one of the less well-known names working at Grassland UK.

However it has sold 340 machines in the four years that it has been on sale, most of them in its home market, though about 28 have been sold in the UK.

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It showed its £37,000 top-of-the-range GT160 model at Lamma but chose to run its smaller £27,000 GT120 at Shepton Mallet.

The principles are the same, though, with a 2.1-cut Galfrey drum mower cutting down to 35mm and sending it up a 70rpm chain elevator and on to a moving floor operated via a variable-speed control unit.

In fact the machine is run totally from the tractor’s hydraulics and is operated by a simple cable control and connected to a set of flow-and-return valves. No pto pumps are used.

The company points out that feeding fresh grass gives cows better nutrition than silage.

It also allows farmers to grab fresh grass from small parcels of land which would not be suitable for grazing.