Grassland UK: Teagle mower gets tight to fence posts

Teagle’s Cornish production facilities have seen it grow to one of the UK’s biggest farm equipment manufacturers, but the company does still import the odd machine from other countries.

That includes mowing equipment from Italian maker Berti. The most recent addition to that line is the appropriately named Handy, which it designed to scythe down grass close to posts that might otherwise need a strimmer.

It was originally designed for orchard work, but with more fields of solar panels appearing in the UK a new market is opening.

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It uses three flail-type rotary blades hidden under a standard steel body, while a fourth sits outside of the cover. It is spring-loaded and can be pulled in and out via a hydraulic ram.

The little mower is available in widths from 2-3.6m and all the models get hydraulic sideshift so that the machine can be offset for extra control.

Power requirements range from 40-100hp and prices go from £6,995-£8,350.