Grassland UK: Vicon builds stronger 8m rake

Vicon chose Grassland UK to launch a new 8m, twin-rotor rake with a 20% stronger frame than its predecessor, a lower transport height and a rotor head that is easier to maintain.

The Andex 804 will eventually replace the current 784 model and has hydraulic width adjustment from 7m to 8m.

It has also got fixed tine arms throughout, apart from four on each rotor. These can be removed to make it lower for driving down the road or parking up in tight buildings.

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But even with all rotor arms in place, the rake is still a shade under 4m tall, meaning it shouldn’t tangle with too many trees or phone lines.

It has also been given a narrower chassis that means it can accommodate wider flotation tyres without hogging the road.

To make it easier to fix, the Andex 804 has also inherited a higher-spec rotor head its from one of its bigger siblings.

This allows damaged stub shafts to be replaced without splitting the gearbox.

Price is £21,304.