Kubota shows off new tractors at Tillage-Live

Kubota launches new models

Kubota showed off two spanking new models at the show. Although not quite designed for heavy tillage work, the 6060 and 7060 pump out 60hp and 70hp respectively, and now have 18 speeds spread across three ranges.

A common rail system has replaced direct injection and a DPF has been attached to the 3.3 litre four-pot to help meet the latest round of boring emissions regs.

Rear linkage is rated to 2.4t, two spools come as standard and the hydraulic pump will push 61 litres/min. In the six-post cab there’s a hydraulic clutchless shuttle and air con. Kubota’s handy bevel-geared hubs improve the turning capability, too.

List price of the 7060 is £26,000, or £30,000 if you attach the 1,200kg capacity front loader.

Long-reach chainsaw

kitt agri

Visitors might have come to the event on the hunt for ground-ripping machinery, but Kitt Agri took the chance to show something a little different.

The Limbsaw is a hydraulic-driven chainsaw that mounts to a socket receiver welded or bolted to a loader attachment and plumbs into the tractor’s third hydraulic service.

The chainsaw is attached to a 2.4m (8ft) arm that is lifted into position by the telehandler. Once it’s in position and the tractor spool has been operated, the weight of the saw should pull it through the wood.

And because it’s driven by a hydraulic pump, the 50cm (20in) chain spins twice as fast and is more torquey than a traditional petrol-powered version.

It costs £1,650.

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