Lamma 2015: Bock UK shows sloping-wall silage clamp

A patented sloping-walled silage clamp design and purpose-made clamp cover will be featured at Lamma by Bock UK as a different way of storing silage and biomass.

Instead of standing vertically, the concrete panels slope 23deg from vertical to allow maximum compaction and use of available volume while minimising leachate losses.

The design is already popular in the renewable energy sector, says Bock, and particularly in Germany for more than 30 years.

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A handrail system designed for use on Bock UK clamps can also be used on standard clamps to improve safety for operators.   

This clamping system can be used with the firm’s Kombi2Plus two-in-one clamp cover, which combines a tough, high-quality silage sheet and underlay film on the same roll, and the Silofix gravel bag system for weighting clamp sheets safely and securely to create an airtight seal.