Lamma 2015: Kuhn launches new-generation mower-conditioners

Representing a line of new-generation trailed mower-conditioners at Lamma is the 3.1m FC 3160 TCD from Kuhn, equipped with a central drawbar for both-sides mowing.

The complete range comprises 2.8m, 3.1m and 3.5m machines with a side-mounted drawbar and a 3.5m centre drawbar model in addition to the version being displayed.

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All are available with a swinging steel flail conditioning mechanism or a choice of two-speed roller conditioners most commonly used for delicate leafy crops such as lucerne.

Time saving is the main attraction of the centre drawbar, says Kuhn, because it allows cutting in a back-and-forth routine with the mower operating alternately to the left and right of the tractor.

This approach can trim unproductive travel time on headlands by as much as 15%, eliminates running over swaths and minimises headland soil compaction.

The Kuhn FC mower-conditioners feature the Gyrodine swivel hitch designed for fast, tight turns without risk of damaging the input drive or destabilising the machine’s ground-following capability. It also provides favourable pto shaft alignment for reliability and minimal maintenance demand, says Kuhn.

An Optidisc cutterbar with Fast-Fit knives are standard.


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