Lamma 2015: Latest Grass Tech Grazer claims to be ‘biggest ever’ harvester

The “biggest ever zero-grazing harvester” is how Future Grass Technology (stand R95 at Lamma from 21-22 January) describes its latest Grass Tech Grazer. 

Like the tandem axle version already in use, the newcomer is offset using a swan-neck drawbar, a Galfry twin-drum mower and non-chopping elevator to cut and lift grass into the trailer section, and a hydraulic drive bed conveyor for filling and emptying.

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But the bigger GT160 runs on three axles – the rearmost being a steering unit to avoid tyre scrub and maintain manoeuvrability for tight turns in the field or yard – to support the weight of its longer body and heavier load across six flotation tyres.

Other features include a rear-mounted wireless camera for improved visibility and unloading.

Future Grass Technology says that using freshly mown forage when cattle are housed can make a big dent in concentrate feed costs, as well as in the labour and capital costs, by reducing reliance on conserved forage.