Lamma 2015: Teagle Telehawk handler-mounted shredder

It will be the first Lamma outing for the Telehawk straw shredder from Teagle Machinery (Stand B52), which is designed specifically for use on a telescopic handler.

This latest addition to the Tornado range will self-load and dispense straw from a single round bale up to 1.5m diameter or a square bale up to 2.4m long and 1.2m square in cross-section – a “Hesston” bale in common parlance.

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A full-width drum with hook tines teases and bruises straw out of the bale and a powerful blower sends it into cattle sheds up to 13m from the machine.

Having a 280deg rotating discharge chute is a key feature over telehandler-mounted spreaders that discharge in one direction only because a large area can be covered from one position – especially useful having lifted the machine over a gate or feed barrier. It can also dispense straw along a feed passage.

All moving parts are oil driven, with a load-sensing system on the shredding drum triggering the bed chain to reverse momentarily to prevent the fan drive from being overwhelmed. A new controller communicates with the hydraulic valves by Bluetooth connection.

Overall length of the Telehawk is kept to just 3.7m, with most of the weight concentrated close to the boom.