Lamma 2015: Team Sprayers mounted models get rear folding

Hydraulic rear-folding booms from 18m to 24m wide from Team Sprayers eliminate any risk of tractor cab damage or compromised cab access.

The booms have been developed for Team’s higher-spec Arian tractor-mounted sprayers, which have been extended to include an 1,800-litre version, as an alternative to the standard side-folding booms.

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They result from operator concern over potential damage to increasingly wide tractor cabs during transit between field and yard.

The new booms are constructed from tubular and formed sheet steel for strength with lightness, fold to just 2.4m wide and are self-levelling. There is an adjustable anti-yaw damping system and break-back pivots, and the nozzles and spray lines are secured above the boom baseline for protection against impact damage.

Moreover, to suit different applications the booms can be used fully extended, partially folded both sides, or with one side folded completely.