Lamma 2015: Topcon to show new crop sensor

Crop canopy sensing for crop health monitoring and real-time variable-rate field applications are provided by the Topcon CropSpec sensor being introduced by LH Agro (Stand 101).

The system comprises two cab roof-mounted pulsing laser diode sensors that measure plant reflectance to determine chlorophyl content in the leaf, which is closely related to nitrogen concentration.

Scanning creates a map of nitrogen levels across the crop and this can be used to construct a variable-rate application prescription used immediately or at a later date.

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CropSpec is compatible with Topcon’s high-specification 12in X30 console or the new X25 with 8in colour touchscreen display, which uses the same core software but a “next generation” processor platform.

The user interface is similar to the X30s and can operate ASC-10 section control (up to 30 sections, ISO-based section control – up to 32 sections), spinner/spreader and sprayer control, flat- and variable-rate applications, and Norac spray boom levelling via isobus. 

LH Agro will also show the vehicle display controller for remote selection of “X” console displays, auto-steering on/off and similar functions, and Magnet Mobile Ag Network, a software solution for streamlining farm data management enabling file transfer between the office and field.