Lamma 2015: Valtra shows its new T Series

Three examples of the newly unveiled six-cylinder T04 series tractors from Valtra will be on show at Lamma 2015.

The T234 Versu with 235hp for draft work and 250hp for pto and transport operations demonstrates the increased power outputs available; Versu is Valtra’s 30×30 transmission with five-step powershift, while the Direct transmission of the 215/230hp T215 Direct being exhibited is a CVT drive.

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Valtra’s novel power solutions continue with the T174 Eco-Active, which has 175hp standard output boosting to 190hp for pto and transport applications, but available at either 1,700rpm or 1,900rpm depending on the torque characteristics and fuel economy required.

The latest “clean-sheet” T-Series design includes a larger cab with a heated windscreen and bigger wiper sweep; a rotating driver’s seat for an easier view of linkage-mounted equipment; and improved visibility all round but especially to the right side where there are only two pillars and when operating a loader or forestry equipment.

A front axle with redesigned suspension and tighter steering lock – thanks largely to a wasp-waisted chassis; re-organised hydraulic couplings that can be reached from one side; and external lift arm buttons front and rear, are among other changes.

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