Lamma: Polaris piles on the luxury with Brutus UTV

It seems there’s no limit to the number of fancy features that can be squeezed into a UTV.

The new Brutus HD PTO from US maker Polaris sports luxuries such as a heater, air conditioning and padded door linings. It’s also got a front linkage and pto that means it can handle a front-mounted mower, sweeper brush and snowblower.

It can also be fitted with pallet forks or a small bucket and there’s a powerful 90amp alternator, which should be man enough to deal with most electrically powered implements.

Power is provided by a 24hp three-cylinder diesel engine that’s coupled to a two-speed hydrostatic transmission.

The entry level Brutus without enclosed cab, front linkage or pto costs £13,999 and the fully loaded Brutus HD PTO will set you back £21,499.

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